3rd Annual Philadelphia Veterans Parade

Staging Locations/Times, Instructions, Information and Order of March

There will be volunteer stations set up at 18th & JFK Blvd and 17th & JFK Blvd, where water bottles & Program Guides will be available. There will also be some volunteers walking around the staging area to hand them out.

For your convenience there will also be 6 Port a Potties in the staging area. 3 will be located between 16th &17th on JFK and another 3 between 17th -18th on JFK.

Find your group/organization below to determine location and time you are required to report.

Everyone, other than Motorcyclists, are assigned to an Alpha (1-3), Bravo (1-3) or Charlie Company (1-3). Should you have any questions prior to Friday, you may call Anthony Murphy at (215) 686-1459, or if any questions should arise on the day of the parade, there will be numerous NCO’s located on each block that will be able to help you.

IMPORTANT: ALL VEHICLES / MOTORCYCLES/participants will need to enter on to JFK Blvd via 30th St. Station and proceed to 20th & JFK for HOMELAND SECURITY SCANNING. JFK will be one way, and the vehicles will not be permitted to come on to JFK other than from 30th St Station. (map is listed below)

ONCE YOU PASS THROUGH HOMELAND SECURITY SCANNING at 20th & JFK, proceed to your designated staging location.

For any participants that are walking (no vehicle), report to 20th & JFK, and once through security proceed to your designated staging location.

MOTORCYCLISTS – After passing through Homeland Security, proceed to 16th & JFK Blvd for bike counts between 8-10am. (Motorcycles will kick off the parade – if you have any questions contact Domenick at dsciole@pennock.com )

Click Here to view/download/print the Staging Locations and times and map

Weather permitting, Team Fastrax, will kick things off with their parachusists !


Pennsylvania's only living Medal of Honor recipient, Walter Joseph Marm, will be the Grand Marshal of the 3rd Annual Philadelphia Veterans Parade!

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, will be on hand to commemorate the Vets Parade