OUR MISSION:  To promote, manage and conduct a parade each year that honors the sacrifices of veterans in the tri-state region and related activities associated with the event.

2017 Philadelphia Veterans Parade Board and Team

Philadelphia Veterans Parade Inc.
PO Box 27062
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Board of Directors
Anthony Murphy
Vice President
George Ginder
Steve Phillabaum

Board Members
Terry A. Williamson
Bob McMahon
George Perez
Marvin "Guy" Royal

Organizing Sponsors
Philadelphia Veterans Advisory Commission

PVP Committee
Anthony Murphy, director
Bob McMahon, director
Federal/Spectator Coordination
George Perez, director
Website / Apps
Sue Quinn, manager
Motorcycle Coordination
Marvin Royal, manager
VSO Coordinator
Michael Halloran
Veterans Advisor
Larry Holman
General Counsel
Jeff Elliott/Bill Widing
Parade Advisor
Dan McSweeney, President
United War Veterans Council